No:511/23, Press release on meeting between Foreign Minister Jeyhun Bayramov and Yuri Kim, US Acting Assistant Secretary of State for Europe and Eurasian Affairs 

On September 19, on the sidelines of the 78th Session of the UN General Assembly, Jeyhun Bayramov, Foreign Minister of the Republic of Azerbaijan met with Yuri Kim, US Acting Assistant Secretary of State for Europe and Eurasian Affairs.


During the meeting, the latest situation in the region was standing high on the agenda.
Minister Jeyhun Bayramov noted Armenia's failure to withdraw the Armenian armed forces from the territory of Azerbaijan contrary to its obligations after the 44-day Patriotic War, as well as its ongoing military-political provocations being the main threat to peace and security in the region. Failure of international partners, including the United States, to call for the withdrawal of these forces leading to the recent intensification of provocations by Armenia was also mentioned.


The facts of the puppet regime members resorting to a number of large-scale military provocations and terrorist attacks in the Karabakh economic region of Azerbaijan on September 19 resulting in the death of servicemen of the Internal Troops of the Ministry of Internal Affairs, as well as in the injury of the servicemen of Azerbaijan Army, as well as the fortification of the combat positions by the Armenian armed forces and its units’ raised combat readiness levels to continue provocations were brought to attention. 


It was noted that local counter-terrorism measures have been launched in the region to prevent such large-scale provocations, to ensure the implementation of the provisions of the Trilateral Statement, as well as the withdrawal of units of the armed forces of Armenia from the territories of Azerbaijan, and to restore the constitutional system of the Republic of Azerbaijan. The target of taken measures being exclusively illegal military formations and military infrastructures constituting main source of threats to peace and security in the region was highlighted. Civilians not being targeted contrary to some claims, as well as the calls made by Azerbaijan for the safety of Armenian residents were stressed as well.


Minister also stressed that the intensified provocations of the armed forces of Armenia in the Karabakh region of Azerbaijan against the territorial integrity and sovereignty of Azerbaijan and the continuation of the existence of these forces in the region contrary to obligations are a serious threat to regional peace and stability, and that therefore the unconditional and complete withdrawal of the Armenian armed forces from the Karabakh region of Azerbaijan, the dissolution of the puppet regime, and the resolute condemnation and prevention of military provocations and terrorist acts were of utmost importance.


Minister noted the provocations undermining the normalizations processs notwithstanding all the efforts of Azerbaijan through the involved international partners, as well as all the proposals aimed at reducing tensions having been rejected, and the Armenian Prime Minister’s congratulation to the puppet regime dated September 2 being an indicator of Armenia's lack of interest in the peace process and its continued territorial claims. 


Regarding the alleged "blockade" and "humanitarian crisis" claims in the region, Minister noted these claims having no basis, having been deliberately presented as a "humanitarian" issue, and in fact consisting a political manipulation directed against the sovereignty and territorial integrity of Azerbaijan. The facts of agreements on the consistent and parallel usage of the roads on the basis of discussions with the European Union and the United States not being abided by notwithstanding the corresponding agreements were also recalled. In this regard, the simultaneous passage of two ICRC cars, one through Aghdam-Khankendi and the other through Lachin-Khankendi road on September 18 proving the groundless nature of the fictional and purposeful accusations of “blockade” against Azerbaijan were emphasized. 
At the meeting, the sides exchanged views on other regional issues.

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