No:139/22, Statement by the Press Service Department of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Republic of Azerbaijan on the groundless allegation of the Armenian Foreign Ministry regarding the situation in the region

The statement of the Armenian Foreign Ministry dated March 24, which reflects the accusations against Azerbaijan in connection with the alleged escalation of the situation in the region, is another attempt of this country to mislead the international community.
According to the Azerbaijani Defense Ministry, the positions and locations in the region are being clarified, there is no reason for any hysteria. The Armenian side is engaged in disinformation by artificially exaggerating the issue.
As for the technical problems in the gas pipelines in the region due to severe weather conditions for several days, Armenia intends to use the situation as a tool for political manipulation.
We would like to remind you that Armenia, which for many years kept the Nakhchivan Autonomous Republic with a population of more than 400,000 people in a gas blockade, carried out water terror using the Sarsang reservoir for about 30 years, denied the existence of landmine maps that put an end to the life and health of hundreds of people for a long time, concealed information about the fate of about 4,000 Azerbaijanis who went missing in the early 1990s, and now makes baseless accusations against Azerbaijan - this is nothing but the political hypocrisy of this country.
At present, the only way to ensure peace and stability in the region is the full implementation of the provisions of the joint statements, including the complete withdrawal of the remnants of Armenian illegal formations from the region and the normalization of relations on the basis of the principles of international law.
Now is the time to do real work, not political manipulation.

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