No:132/21, Head of the Press Service Department of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Republic of Azerbaijan Leyla Abdullayeva answers the question of the media

Question: Commenting on the opening of the Military Trophy Park in Azerbaijan, the French ambassador to Armenia said that "war should not be the subject for staging a performance". We would like to know your opinion in this regard.

Answer: First of all, I would like to note that the French ambassador to Armenia, before commenting on any issue, should look at his country, and pay attention to how these or other issues are implemented in his own country. The ambassador of France, a country that has gone through numerous wars throughout history and has presented the compositions of these wars, or as the ambassador said "theatres", in various museums, will tell us how to deal with the trophies captured from the enemy?!

It is interesting that the French ambassador called Armenia's defeat a "dignified defeat". Maybe, according to the French ambassador, Armenia's aggressive policy, which lasted for almost 30 years, was also a "dignified occupation"? A country that behaves with dignity, first of all, will not make a claim on the territory of a neighboring country and occupy part of these territories for many years, will not grossly violate the rights of one million people, and purposefully kill innocent people, including civilians. A dignified country will not send a terrorist group to the territory of another country after agreeing to the cessation of hostilities and will not endanger human life by hiding mine maps. Apparently, the French ambassador has another understanding of dignity.

The official representative of a country that has been acting as a mediator for many years should take a more responsible approach to his comments.

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