No:069/24, Commentary on allegations made by Nikol Pashinyan, Prime Minister of Armenia, during his interview to France 24 TV channel

Unfounded allegations against our country made by Nikol Pashinyan, Prime Minister of Armenia, in an interview with the French TV channel France 24 are intended to inflict another blow to the peace process by deliberately inflaming tension in the region.


Following the last meeting between the leaders at the initiative of the German Chancellor, such statements by Armenia and selection of France as the location for such statements, being disrespectful to the efforts of Germany by Armenia, is considered as indication of France’s continued detrimental influence on the peace process.


Claims that Azerbaijan is allegedly preparing for an attack against Armenia, as well as Azerbaijan allegedly does not adhere to international legal norms are made in an effort to distort the reality and deceive the international community.


Allegations by Armenia on so-called preparation of our country to war misusing the calls of the Western Azerbaijani Community as well as our response statements to the unfounded allegations of Armenia while being completely baseless, covers up destabilizing steps of Armenia that pursues a policy of mass militarization and disruption of 5 months long stability in the region.


Highlighting the recognition of sovereignty and territorial integrity, the importance of upholding the Alma-Ata Declaration of 1991 on the delimitation of borders between Azerbaijan and Armenia, the principles of sovereignty, jurisdiction and equality of countries for the establishment of transport and economic relations in the region, Prime Minister overlooks Armenia’s violation of these principles for more than 30 years. Unlike Armenia, it was Azerbaijan that proposed peace to Armenia on the basis of the 5 main principles immediately following the 44-day war. Armenia with its ongoing claims against Azerbaijan continues to violate these principles.


Everyone is well-aware that Armenian leadership has no interest in promoting the Azerbaijan-Armenia peace agenda, as evidenced by the ongoing claims made against Azerbaijan's territorial integrity in the Constitution, legislative acts, official letters and statements, and documents of Armenia distributed at international organizations and courts.


We urge Armenia which continues its aggressive slanderous rhetoric against our country using various international platforms, to abandon statements that undermine the prospects for peace and use the opportunities that have emerged for the transformation of the South Caucasus region into a space of peace and cooperation.

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