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Press release 17 April 2015

In response to media questions comments by Hikmat Hajiyev, Spokesperson of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs on European Parliament’s resolution adopted on April 15, 2015

The resolution on the so-called "Armenian genocide" adopted by the European Parliament on April 15, 2015 is groundless, biased and not serious and constitutes a vivid example of double standards.

The resolution promoted by certain circles at the European Parliament that are under the influence of Armenia, and the Armenian lobby, and in general, the use of the phrase of "Armenian genocide" are the attempts for falsification of history and its interpretation for political purposes.

Some circles in the European Parliament, claiming to be the "guardians" of human rights, still dare not to express their attitude with regard to the bloody massacres committed by the Armenian Dashnaks in Baku and other cities of Azerbaijan in March 1918, Armenia's aggression and occupation against Azerbaijan, bloody ethnic cleansing committed against Azerbaijanis in Azerbaijan’s historical lands in the territory of Armenia and its occupied territories, as well as the Khojaly tragedy.

The resolution on the Armenian territorial claims against Azerbaijan adopted by the European Parliament in the late 80s was one of the contributing factors that resulted in the occupation of Azerbaijani territories by Armenia, deaths of tens of thousands of Azerbaijanis and fact that more than one million people became refugees and IDPs.

The European Union’s resolution dated 15 April 2015 also supports the unfounded claims of Armenia and leads to the further escalation of tension in the region.

Instead of pursuing so-called “Armenian genocide” claims by falsifying the history, Armenia's acknowledgment of its political, legal and moral responsibility for the crimes against humanity committed against the Azerbaijani people, ceasing its aggression and occupation against Azerbaijan and relinquishing its territorial claims against the neighboring countries, would contribute to the restoration of peace and stability in the region and would serve for Armenia's escape from the miserable situation that it faces.

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