Post conflict rehabilitation, reconstruction and reintegration

With the end of the armed conflict in accordance with the Trilateral Statement, Azerbaijan entered into a new stage of post-conflict rehabilitation, reconstruction and reintegration. In the post-conflict period, sustaining peace, rehabilitation and reconstruction activities and return of IDPs is the absolute priority for Azerbaijan.


De-occupation of territories will enable the hundreds of thousands of displaced persons to exercise their right to safe and dignified return to their places of origin. This also opens the ways for economic revival through re-introducing liberated territories and their rich natural resources into the economic life-cycle. 


Peaceful co-existence of Azerbaijani and Armenian residents of the conflict-affected territories within the sovereignty and territorial integrity of Azerbaijan must and shall be finally ensured.


Azerbaijan is resolute to re-integrate its citizens of Armenian origin residing in conflict-affected territories into its political, social, economic space, guaranteeing the same rights and freedoms with all the citizens of Azerbaijan regardless of their ethnic, religious or any other affiliation. The Constitution of the Republic of Azerbaijan provides the solid legal framework in this regard.


The Government has already initiated practical steps aiming at eliminating consequences of decades-old occupation of the territories accompanied by massive destruction.


To this end, Azerbaijan is ready to work with relevant international partners, including ICRC, UNHCR and other UN agencies as well as individual States, which are willing to contribute to peace and stability in the region, in full compliance with the United Nations Guiding Principles on humanitarian assistance of 1991. Such an approach is based on international law, relevant resolutions and documents regulating UN’s activities in the fields of humanitarian assistance, post-conflict rehabilitation and reconstruction, and will serve as a confidence-building measure aimed at healing the wounds of the conflict.


The mines and other explosive devices in the liberated territories of Azerbaijan pose a serious threat to life and safety of Azerbaijani military and civilians in the post-conflict period. Massive mine contamination of the liberated territories also seriously impedes the realization of wide-ranging rehabilitation and reconstruction plans the Government of Azerbaijan has embarked on. Most importantly, it affects the realization of inalienable right of the hundreds of thousands of IDPs to return to their homes in safety and dignity.


On a diferent track , the resolution of the conflict opens up new perspectives for regional cooperation, development and prosperity through normalization of relations between Armenia and Azerbaijan. The 10 November 2020 Trilateral Statement has been further complemented with a trilateral Azerbaijan-Russia-Armenia statement of 11 January 2021, which specifically deals with opening of communications in the region.


With the signing of the Trilateral Statement on 11 January 2021 Azerbaijan, Armenia and Russia has started to work on concrete directions with a view to opening transport communications in the region. Re-vitalization of communications will significantly boost trade and transportation through Armenia and Azerbaijan for the benefit both of these countries and our partners. It will be a significant factor of normalization and play its positive role for laying down the conditions for sustainable peace and stability in the region and beyond.

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