Comments by Hikmat Hajiyev, acting spokesperson of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Republic of Azerbaijan

Terrorism is an integral part of the state policy of Armenia and the Republic of Armenia is a state sponsoring terrorism.

More than 30 acts of terror and sabotage have been carried out against Azerbaijan with the direct support and involvement  of Armenian special services since the end of 80th. Involvement of Armenian  special services in organization of these terror acts were proved by the investigation.
With the acts of terror committed by the special services of Armenia in Baku subway on March 19 and July 3, 1994 Armenia founded the traditions of terror in subway transportation in the world. According to the traditions of the Armenian special services 10 years later the acts of terror were committed in London and Madrid subways.
Armenia remains the only country in the world that Nazi war criminal “General Dro” and notorious terrorist Monte Melkonyan were proclaimed as the national heroes of Armenia and even the monuments were erected in their honour in Yerevan.
In the global fight against terrorism, "Armenian terrorism" and its "modus operandi" are studied as a special sphere.
Armenia's foreign minister, who talks about history, needs to recall Armenians' dashnak terorrism, which began in XIX century, tsarist Russia's order of June 12, 1903, as well as the terror acts of the ASALA terror organization, which is part of the international terrorism, and has merged with Armenian special services.
Today, the Republic of Azerbaijan continues to face state sponsoring terrorism of Armenia and the international terrorism. The contribution of Azerbaijan to the fight against the global terrorism is highly appreciated by the international community.
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