Azerbaijan-Egypt Friendship Society held its inaugural meeting in Cairo
On 26 December Azerbaijan-Egypt Friendship Society held its inaugural meeting in Cairo.
The Society was registered in Egypt and will be chaired by former Egyptian Foreign Minister Mohammad Grabi. The Society's membership include editors of leading newspapers, journalists, public and political figures, academia, professors and business people and is focused on culture economy, tourism areas and aims to encourage the development of public relations between Azerbaijan and Egypt.
Speaking at the inaugural meeting Mohammad Grabi said it gives him a great honour to chair Azerbaijan-Egypt Friendship Society and the Society would make its best efforts to contribute to deepening of friendship and brotherhood between the peoples of Azerbaijan and Egypt. 
Board member of the Society and Deputy Editor of Egypt's "Jumhuriyya" newspaper Mohammad Ismail said they will focus on public diplomacy and work to deepen friendship and closeness between the two nations. 
Azerbaijani Ambassador to Egypt Shahin Abdullayev highly appreciated this initiative of Egyptian friends of Azerbaijan and said Azerbaijani Embassy to Egypt will render necessary support to the work of the Society with a view to developing historical Azerbaijani-Egyptian friendship in all areas. Ambassador also stressed the need to engage the public in broadening cooperation in areas such as science, education, culture and economy. 

The Egyptian media widely covered the inaugural meeting of Azerbaijan-Egypt Friendship Society.  

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