Prisoners of war, hostages and missing persons

The State Commission of the Republic of Azerbaijan on Prisoners of War, Hostages and Missing People registered 4049 missing citizens of the Republic of Azerbaijan. There are 47 children (17 person juvenile girls), 247 women and 347 elderly (149 women) ones among them (on 1.01.2011).

1399 Azerbaijan citizens (343 women and 1056 men) were released from Armenian captivity in 1988-2011. There are 170 children (65 person juvenile girls) and 289 elderly (112 person aged women) ones among them (on 1.01.2011).

According to the well-founded information we possess on our side, one part of 4049 missing Azerbaijan citizens are remaining in the Armenian captivity at the moment, this fact is still hidden by the Armenian party from international organizations, including the ICRC. The list of these persons has been compiled on the grounds of testimonies of those released from Armenian captivity, as well as through.

Data and the materials acting in the State Commission, speak that 553 person has been killed in Armenian to a captivity or have died for the various reasons (tortures, illnesses, etc.). From them 104 person - women, 448 person - men. At 137 person their names are revealed only, and 74 person have remained unknown persons.


Ministry of National Security of Azerbaijan Republic

The facts collected by the State Commission for Prisoners of War, Hostages, and Missing Persons prove that the Armenian Republic tramples on the norms of international law, violating the 1949 Geneva Convention “On protection of war victims”, by killing, crippling, torturing, and psychologically damaging captured Azerbaijani citizens.

For example, during the military aggression of Armenia against Azerbaijan, there was mass execution of the peaceful populace. Azerbaijani citizens held in captivity in Armenia and the occupied territories of Azerbaijan are subject to horrible tortures and psychological damage. Many were driven to suicide through cruel treatment and psychological torture. Others were executed or tortured to death.

The following document specific cases:

During the occupation of the Khojavend district on 17 February 1992, Armenian armed forces executed on the spot 80 of 117 hostages taken in Garadagli village. Village residents Seyyur Khanlar ogly Nagiev, Shakhruz Amirkhan ogly Aliyev, and others personally witnessed this.

Hagigat Yusif gizi Huseynova, a resident of Garadagli village, witnessed 10 of her compatriots burnt to death on 10 February 1992.

During a large-scale attack of Armenian armed forces on Kelbadjar district of Azerbaijan begun 1 April 1993, an urgent order was transmitted from the main radio station GSM-7 in the Vardenis district of Armenia to the main radio station in Kelbadjar and all mobile radio stations. The order demanded the immediate elimination of captured Azerbaijani citizens, including women, children, and the elderly. The reason for haste was to hide the evidence of atrocities committed against Azerbaijanis from an international delegation and journalists visiting the region. The text of this radio transmission was recorded by the radio counterintelligence department of the Azerbaijan Ministry of National Security on 6-7 April 1993.

During the occupation of the Kelbadjar district, 15 residents of Bashlibel village, including Mukhammed Amraliyev, Surkhay Amraliyev, Chingiz Amraliyev, Aygun Amraliyeva, Busat Ahmadova, and Chichek Hasanova, were executed on the spot. Khasay Mukhammed ogly Amraliyev and Binnet Abdulali ogly Ahmadov witnessed this atrocity.

According to the testimony of Imarat Mamishova, who was held captive along with her two young sons, Armenians shot and burnt the bodies of eight civilians including her eight-year-old son Taleh in her presence. Afterwards, the Armenians took her, her ten-year-old son Yadigar, and other women, children and elderly people to Khankendi and subjected them to horrible torture.

According to the testimony of the Ahmadovs, who witnessed the events and were subsequently freed from Armenian captivity in 1994, on 17 August 1993, the Armenians executed 25 residents of Gajar Village in the Fuzuli district of Azerbaijan.

Hasan Mejid ogly Huseynov, who was held in Armenian captivity, said that about 40 residents were killed along the Horadiz-Fuzuli highway in 1993.

On 16 February 1994, the Armenian Ministry of Foreign Affairs announced that eight Azerbaijani prisoners of war were killed while attempting to escape from prison. During a medical examination of the bodies in Baku, Professor Derrick Pounder, a member of International Academy Presidium of juridical and social medicine and is also a member of British organization “Physicians for human rights”, declared that the Azerbaijani POWs had been executed using the same pistol shot at a short distance from the temple and rejected the notion that they had been killed while trying to escape.

After being freed from captivity, Niyaz Balay ogly Zeynalov said that on 11 February 1992, the Armenians executed by burning the following residents of Gushchular village of the Shusha district: Sariya Tagi gizi Zeynalova (born 1910), Yegana Dadash gizi Madatova (born 1920), and Movsum Abdulrahim ogly Ahmadov.

The 61-year-old former hostage Budag Ali ogly Alishanov witnessed five Azerbaijanis used as slaves for hard physical labor and then killed in Drmbon village in Nagorno-Karabakh.

Former hostage Ismail Sarif ogly Ismailov said that the Armenians beheaded three Azerbaijani hostages on an Armenian grave.

Lachin district resident Samaya Karimova could not withstand the torture of her and her two-year-old daughter Nurlana and committed suicide in captivity.

Talekh Madat ogly Ibishov, born in 1977, was taken hostage with his family during the occupation of the Lachin district on 18 May 1992. The Armenians ruthlessly murdered his father Madat Avaz ogly Ibishov and sister, Yegana Madat gizi Ibishova, born in 1967.

Ilham Nasirov, born in 1973, died from hunger on 23 November 1993 in a military hospital in Yerevan.

A medical examination of the remains of twenty-year-old Farhad Rahman ogly Atakishiyev proved that he was executed by regular beatings and other tortures.

On 24 December 1994, Yardimli district resident Heydar Heydarov died in Shusha prison because of Armenian torture. Former hostages Habib Aliyev, Avaz Mukhtarov, Abulfat Gasimov, and others witnessed it.

According to the testimony of Abuzar Manafov, H. Huseynov, and Aydin Maharramov, on 14 February 1994 in Shusha prison, guards “Kolya”, “Slavik” and “Gor” killed Beilagan resident Ilgar Anver ogly Gurbanov by torturing him.

Shamkir district resident Fikrat Hasan ogly Huseynov died in Armenian captivity on 18 June 1993 due to torture and regular beatings. Former captives Bakhtiyar Ibrahim ogly Taghiyev and Matlab Shiraslan ogly Allahverdiyev are witnesses to this fact. A medical examination of Huseynov's body carried out in Baku discovered a rib break in his body.

According to the testimony of Zohrab Nadir ogly Heydarov, on 21 May 1993, Zahid Nasibulla ogly Amrullayev, born in 1973, was killed by strangulation by Armenian guards in Shusha prison.

Former hostage Mashallah Bandaliyev said that he was held in a garage in Khankendi in May 1992. The garage owners, “Mero” and Vazgen Sarkisyan, tortured and then beheaded one hostage, whose name he didn't know.

State Commission for Prisoners of War, Hostages, and Missing Person prove that the Armenians follow a policy of genocide against Azerbaijani captives and hostages. Hundreds of Azerbaijani citizens, including women, children and the elderly, suffered unbearable torture in Armenian captivity. They were severely beaten, intentionally crippled, and branded on the chest. They had their nails and teeth removed, wounds filled with salt, and benzene injected into their veins

The following document specific cases:

Shovgi Khagani ogly Aliyev was three years old when he was taken hostage on 24 July 1993. His humerus was removed by Armenian “doctors”, as a result of which he became an invalid.

Guljamal Guliyeva was taken hostage on 31 March 1993 during the occupation of the Kelbadjar district. Her son Arzu Hajiyev was born shortly thereafter. Armenian “doctor” Aida Serobyan injected her son with an unknown substance, as a result of which he became an invalid.

Former hostage G. Hudiyeva confirmed that her grandson Babek Ilyasov was a seven-month-old baby when the Armenians shot his mother Afet Mirzoyeva and grandfather Aslan Mirzoyev. Although splinters wounded Babek's right eye, the Armenians did not treat him and only released him with other hostages four months later. Babek is now blind in this eye.

The Armenians horribly tortured and cut off the ears of the father of fifteen-year-old hostage N. Mammadova in her presence. Her mother became extremely distraught. The girl was ransomed back to her family for four million Russian rubles.

Zamina Goyush gizi Dadashova was wounded in the arm while being taken hostage. The wound festered and became gangrenous. The arm is now useless. The Armenians shot her father Goyush Dadashov and grandmother Goncha Ibadova on the spot.

Armenian guards horribly tortured and pulled 16 teeth from Kaklik Hasanova, who was taken hostage in the Agdam district.

Shargiya Rza gizi Shirinova was an elderly woman when she was taken hostage by the Armenians during the occupation of the Agdam district. Her eight gold teeth were pulled and she was subject to torture for six months.

65-year-old Binish Rasul ogly Mammadova and 69-year-old Sara Mirish gizi Ismayilova were taken hostage during the occupation of the Gubadli district and were held in a military united in Khankendi. They were made to do forced labor during the day and then severely beaten at night. Two women held with them in captivity, Mrs. Shahsanam and Mrs.Asli, could not withstand this torture and died in captivity.

Former Agdam resident, ethnic Russian Vladimir Ivanovich Shevelev was tortured. He said he 89-year-old mother Vera Davidova, elderly sister Svetlana Ivanova, and 58-year-old sick brother Anatoli Ivanovich were killed and burned by Armenians during the 1994 occupation of Agdam. He also saw a large number of bodies of women and children near the Agdam canal. Moreover, he said that during the occupation of the Agdam region, the Armenians took seven mentally ill people as hostage, including two women held in the hospital for the mentally ill. One of them was freed and another died from beating during captivity, the fate of the others is unknown.

Agdam resident Ali Rasul Abbasov, born in 1930, was regularly beaten and burned by cigarettes in Armenian captivity. He could not recover from this torture and died shortly after being freed.

Murvat Fetish ogly Agayev was taken hostage in the Fuzuli district. He was beaten, had his ear cut off, hung from a tree with his hands tied behind his back, and burned when a fire was lit under his feet by Armenian soldiers.

Prisoners of war Novruz Muhammad ogly Dashdamirov and Namig Javashir ogly Garayev became mentally ill after being beaten, branded with hot objects, and hit on the head.

Abdulazim Majnun oglu Mammadov was wounded while being taken hostage. He was then beaten with rubber batons, had his wounds reopened, and tortured by a specially trained dog.

Mail Mammadov had his breast branded and benzine injected into his veins.

Javid Aga ogly Huseynov had his jaw and breastbone broken through beating. The Armenians branded his arm and poured out acid on his wound.

State Commission of the Republic of Azerbaijan on Prisoners of War, Hostages and Missing Persons