Social issues

The Government of Azerbaijan cooperates with a number of international organizations in order to solve social problems of population and takes an active part in international cooperation processes in this field. 

The Republic of Azerbaijan is a member of the International Labor Organization since May 1992. Azerbaijan cooperates with ILO in the field of labor, labor relations, employment, labor security, labor protection and development of legislation. As a result of productive relations the ILO Representation was opened in Azerbaijan in 2002, after Russia, Kazakhstan, Belarus and Ukraine. Azerbaijan joined 57 Conventions of ILO. As a result of productive relations with this organization relevant national legislation conforming to the advanced international standards was adopted. The Government of Azerbaijan regularly presents its reports on implementation of the ILO Conventions to the relevant bodies of ILO in Geneva. 

As it is known, Azerbaijan is a party to the important international treaties and conventions on human rights. Azerbaijan ratified the UN Convention on “Protection of all labor migrants and their family members” in 1998 and the UN Convention on “The rights of disabled persons” in 2008. Azerbaijan is a party to eight main treaties of ILO in the field of employment and labor rights. 

In order to coordinate the implementation of the UN Convention “On the rights of disabled persons” in Azerbaijan, the working group has been established under the Ministry of Labor and Social Protection of Population. According to the UN Convention “On the rights of disabled persons”, the first report of Azerbaijan on the implementation of its obligation was prepared and presented to the UN Committee on the rights of disabled persons in 2011.

In line with ILO, Azerbaijan closely cooperates with the Council of Europe in social sphere. The representatives of Azerbaijan take an active part in the meetings of CoE committees such as Social Cohersion Committee, Migration Committee, Experts Committee on Social Maintenance, and Government Committee on European Social Charter. According to the Law of Azerbaijan dated 6 January 2004, Azerbaijan ratified the Revised European Social Charter adopted within the framework of CoE. Like other parties, the Republic of Azerbaijan presents a report once a year on the implementation of its obligations under the Charter. Furthermore, within the framework of the MISCEO project of CoE, an annual database is created on the activities of the members of organization based on the presented information in the field of social protection. Azerbaijan also presents required information to the organization. Azerbaijan actively cooperates with CoE for the implementation of the “Activity Plan of CoE on the improvement of life-conditions of disabled persons in 2006-2015”. 

Azerbaijan also cooperates with EU for the improvement of its social policy. In the framework of the enlarging cooperation with EU twinning projects have been prepared in order to support social reforms. These projects meet the priorities of the EU-Azerbaijan Action Plan. The general aim of the projects is the advancement of the potential resources of the Ministry of Labor and Social Protection of Population in the field of strategic planning, forecasting, monitoring, evaluation and drafting social budget. 

One of the main partners of the Government in the sphere of strengthening of social policy in Azerbaijan is the World Bank. Azerbaijan cooperated with the Bank within the project on the “Pensions and Social Aid Reform in the Republic of Azerbaijan” since 1999 and continued this cooperation through the “Pensions and Social Maintenance Project” in 2005-2010. As a result of the deepening cooperation with the World Bank the “Project on Development of Social Protection” aimed at supporting the implementation of programs and social reforms in Azerbaijan has been implemented since 2009.


 Updated: 26.02.2013